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Peter Booker has finished the classifications below is a link to a pdf file which can be opened on a pc or tablet if you have the necessary software or app.

A printed booklet is available from Peter Please contact him for a copy.

British National Carnation Society

Dianthus Classification List for Judges and Exhibitors

Notice to all exhibitors and Judges


The BNCS wishes to provide exhibitors, judges and other interested parties with a comprehensive list of cultivars for show purposes, (not to be confused with the International Dianthus Register).  It has been noted in the past that varieties have been exhibited in Classes according to their status in the IDR not necessarily in accordance, in the Judges view, of the requirements of the schedule.


To ensure complete accuracy I would welcome any observations you may have on the draft whether they are spelling mistakes, wrongly classified or missing prefixes or any other observations that are relevant.  Also any comments on the format and size of any future publications would be most helpful.


I will endeavour to publish a comprehensive list for the 2015 season for trial and fine tuning I would then propose that it is used by all Judges and exhibitors for the 2016 season and thereafter.  Once the list becomes mandatory for the BNCS shows then some changes will be required to the schedules.  Cultivars not in the Classification list will not be able to be shown in the open classes but will have to be shown in a new varieties class-the details of which will have to be decided.  This will enable any new varieties to be classified, other means of achieving a classification may be required!


Thank you for your help, I hope you find the project useful.


Peter Booker


Cultivar Registration

If you have a seedling or sport and you wish to register it with the RHS follow this link                          

to the appropriate page on the RHS website for a downloadable form

Any queries on classifications please email Peter on