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'The British National Carnation Society welcomes all who are interested in the culture of the Dianthus family of Carnations and Pinks.

Its aims are to encourage endeavours to expand and improve the cultivation of these beautiful flowers and to promote their uses in Gardens, Floral Decoration and Exhibition'.



Beginners and Experts receive encouragement and help in growing for the garden, exhibiting, raising new cultivars and submitting them for trial and awards.

The Society produces, three publications annually, these being the Yearbook and two Newsletters.

The Society publishes ‘How to Grow’ booklets for each of the three main types of Dianthus, and makes available to members advice lines from three expert amateur growers, who are always happy to pass on their experience and encourage beginners.

The Society stages displays at a number of the major Flower Shows in Great Britain and it stages four shows of its own, where amateur growers compete for National honours on the show bench.

Access to plants and cuttings from fellow members that are no longer commercially available.

10% discount on orders from approved nurseries.

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