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Derby Spring Show 2015


Just some of the wonderful exhibits shown above with the floral stand and the Gold award.


Tony Derricks winning vases above of Anders Old Trafford single and three. Tony Tabbinors vase of Nell Gwyn and Marie-Jane Roberts winning vases of Sutton Party Girl, Anders Pluto and Sutton Brierly Grace.

Our President John Thurstan waits on to present the trophies and Neil Atkin who is Chairman of South Derbyshire District Council, with his consort Mrs Barbara James who is holding the Gold medal card awarded to Marie-Jane for winning the Supreme Championship.

Below is the Floral Art exhibits by Fay and Keith which both won awards and just some of the inspiring baskets made by Joy and her team which were sold out as quickly as they were being put up.

This is now the third time the spring Show has been held at the Derby County Show and this year’s show has to be the best to date. The combining of both the floral stand and the show classes in the same marquee was a huge success as they were both viewed by a lot more of the public than in previous years. A great deal of credit for this goes to the show organiser Mrs Mary Sharpe and her team, they really are an organised team as they run such a huge show with such aplomb and calmness. Many thank’s Mary for all your kind help and assistance.

The floral stand won a Gold medal and all the accolades should be directed at Fay Seagrave for arranging all the bowls which were twelve in number with around fifty blooms per bowl and with the temperatures rising throughout the morning and afternoon it was no easy task. The show itself had ten exhibitors who staged 211 entries with a total of 586 flowers, this made for a marvellous show and one of the best springs shows for quite awhile. The judges were Peter and Kathy Booker with Dennis and Keith as acting stewards and with both Gary and James Akers printing the results the show ran smoothly.

Tony Derrick was awarded Best stem and Best Vase of three stems with both vases being Anders Old Trafford, Tony also won Marquis Cup, Mrs Roberts winning the Supreme Championship Class and a Gold medal card for her efforts. Mrs Roberts also won the Lindabruce Trophy for most points in class C. Mike Graves won the three vases Championship Class and Tony Tabbinor winning the vase of 12 stems. Keith Mastaglio won the silver medal card for a new Border Carnation named Urpeth Kirsty Louise and Keith also won the Bently Bowl. The society thanks both Kathy and Peter for taking time out to judge the show.

Joy and her band of lady friends spent Sunday making floral baskets for the sales table and several children made their own with Joy’s assistance and tuition.