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November update

Now in November and although there has been one or two cold nights the weather overall has not been too bad. Not wanting to tempt fate but I do hope the weather will not be like last winter.

The plants are still growing apace and all of my P/F plants have now been potted on into 5”pots, stopped and breaking. They are kept on the shelving which is high in the eaves for maximum light, keeping the watering to an absolute minimum. Try and give as much fresh air as circumstances allow, closing the greenhouse in the late afternoon before it becomes cold.

The later cuttings which were taken in late September and October have now rooted and need potting on into their first pots, these are 7cm square plastic pots, it would be a mistake to plant them as plugs into too large a pot, apart from anything else the roots would be lost in such a vast amount of compost as the plants will slow down once the temperatures drops, it’s far better to keep the plants moving on and pot them on when ready.  

The cuttings once rooted are given a watering before being potted into their first pots, taking great care when removing the cutting from the plugs.The potted plants are given as much light as possible. The ones in the 5" pots are stopped and breaking.

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Halcyon Days

That is about it for the year, the plants will soon be settling down for the Winter, so I thought I would show you some of the photos of my garden through the Summer.

spring 4