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Shrewsbury Show

By Ivor Mace


Shrewsbury show is a terrific family day out. It’s situated in Shrewsbury Park on the banks of the river Severn.  Part of the park is a sunken area which was originally an old quarry.  I’ve been visiting Shrewsbury Show since I was a young 10 year old, in all of those 50 odd years I can only remember it as area of superb carpet bedding, and I must say I’ve never seen a finer display of bedding anywhere.  The Quarry Marquee houses trade stands from some of the county’s most well-known nurseries.  In the Severn Marquee there are exhibits from keen gardeners specialising in various flowers and vegetables.  There are five classes for Perpetual Carnations and three classes for Pinks.


The class for a vase of 6 blooms was won by me with a vase of Schubert; the two vase class was also won by me with Unfinished Symphony & Athletic Schubert. The self-class was also won by me with Pink Francesco and the fancy class also won by myself with Schubert.  I hope I’ve got this right because it’s all from memory. I took lots of photos for Garden News but clean forgot to photograph the Perpetuals. I remember having a poor vase of Max Helliwell and not getting a card at all. I remember the first and second placed vases were both Crompton Classic but I can’t remember who the growers were.  However I did take photos of the Pinks.  The vase of Self’s was won by Neil Evans with a vase of White’s but I didn’t record the variety. Mrs M Bennett from Lancashire won the vase of Fancies with Oakwood Candy.  The vase of Bicoloured was won by Graham Davies but again I didn’t record the variety.