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We have had a requested for the variety "Jonathan Meares" if you can help please contact:


Is anyone still growing Jacqueline Ann if you are please contact:


Does anyone know if the Border Carnation 'Mrs H Swan' a white self is still available or know if anyone still grows it.


We also have a request to find the variety 'Kathleen Stevens' anyone does please contact me through the contact us/ links page


We are also looking for someone who still grows Sheila Short if they have please contact Brian Duffy at


Does anyone have Robin Thain or know someone who has if you can help please contact I'm sorry but we don't have the full name


We are looking for Christine Hough  please contact if you have any information



We have had a request from 'The Santamaria Carnation Cutting Specialists' for LYCHNIS COELI-ROSA LOYALTY "BLU VISCARIA", if anyone comes across this on their travels or knows where this can be found please contact us or email direct to


  Thank You  



We have had a request for any of steven bailey's varieties especially some older ones Bonnie Charlie, Baileys Supreme and Baileys Masterpiece these go back to the 60's please contact Nick Ooyman if you can help. Email:



Has anyone seen or heard of the PF "Monty's Pink" if so please contact


We have a request for the carnation "Mandy Morris" we believe it is an orange self if anyone can help please contact


Has anyone seen "The Monk" or "Monk" it is has been grown since at least the 50's and is a Grey with Magenta highlights if you can help contact


Hello.Please can anyone help me with cuttings of the following Cecil Wyatt garden pinks. 1. "Anna Wyatt" 2. "Clea Wyatt" 3. "Doris Wyatt" 4. "Jenny Wyatt" 5. "Dartmoor Forest", these would all appear not to be available commercially. I am happy to pay all reasonable costs for the cuttings also P+P.


BORDER CARNATION  Can anyone supply the Border Hannah Louise if you can please contact me at


Border Carnation "Thomas"  Can anyone supply or know where it can be found.  Please contact dennis through the website or   Thanks.


We are lookin for the Perpetual flowering carnation Eileen Low believed to be Salmon Pink in colour anyone who can help please contact :

We are looking for the border carnation "David Saunders" it was raised by John Galbally in the late seventies.  If anyone can help please contact Andrew Widd at


We have another request for the Border Carnation "Hannah Louise" if anyone can help please contact myself or

We have had a third request for this cultivar.  Surely someone has it.

We are looking for the border carnation Chesswood Beryl James it was raised by Doug Cottam.  If anyone can help please contact Karen Collet at the email :