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As you may know Dr Alan Leslie has retired and the position has now been taken over by Sharon McDonald.

You can still use any existing registration forms you have but use the folowing address:-


For the Att. of Sharon McDonald

The International Dianthus Register

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Birmingham and District Carnation Society was formed in the early fifties (though records have since been lost).  In 1982, the meetings were held in the city centre at a Catholic Church hall.

I can remember at the monthly meetings, the room would be packed and most meetings we would have a speaker giving us a talk on subjects about the dianthus species. The annual flower show was then held at the Princess Alice Orphanage on the Chester Road, North Birmingham, the site was then developed into a Tesco super market, we had to find another venue for our flower show, which ended up at the Birmingham Nature Centre, unfortunately the room was not big enough to hold the shows but we made do, when the class entries began decrease space was less of a problem.  We ended up using the Nature centre for our monthly meetings, by then our membership was in decline.


In 1989 the society decided to apply to the BNCS to hold an area show, which we held at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens which was very successful with 285 entries.


It was decided because of the isolation of the Nature centre, to find a more convenient venue, we chose a church hall in Erdington which had a big hall and was more accessible for everyone, exhibitors and general public.


In more recent years new members and exhibitors alike were becoming like gold dust and we were struggling to stage our Annual show.


It was evident that the society could not survive for much longer without an injection of new members and for members to take on committee duties.


During my early years at the society, I joined in 1982, I was influenced by Fred Smith who taught me a lot about carnations; he was a strong BNCS man who served on the council and on RHS trials  committees.  He was honoured by BNCS and was installed as President in 1985.  He sadly passed away in 2003.


Our Chairman Victor Wilkes decided this year to stand down as chairman due to ill health.


Sadly the show secretary Mrs Margaret Curzon and myself as Treasurer and acting secretary decided stand down too.


In October 2013 a letter was sent to members informing them of the society’s situation, with action needed to be taken at the AGM, held on 14th November 2013.


As no members wished to stand for election; a motion was proposed by member

Mr Norman Short to wind the society up due to lack of interest, support and declining membership, it was seconded by member Mr Harry Attwood. All members present voted in favour of the motion and was agreed to close the society and to dispose of its assets, sadly we are disbanding the society with effect from 14th November 2013.


I would like to thank committee members past and present for all their hard work they had put into the society over the years. Also I would like to thank members and friends I have made over the years I have been growing carnations, in sharing experiences, knowledge and jokes. I will keep in touch with as many of you as I can and look forward to seeing you at the shows.


John Thurstan

Whetman Pinks - Gold Medal Chelsea  May 2012


Congratulations to Whetman Pinks on their wonderful achievement of a Gold Medal at the Chelsea Flower Show last week.  Their stand was most impressive and adorned with the new white and highly scented Pink named memories in support of the National Alzheimers Society.  All royalties raised from the sale of these plants from 31st May 2012 to the 31st December 2013 will be handed to the charity in what is a wonderful and most generous donation.  The hand over of memories at Chelsea was performed by the BNCS Patroness the Dowager Marchioness of Salisbury who handed over to the celebrity and broadcaster Angela Rippon acting on behalf of the Charity.

It is our dearest wish that every garden in Great Britain will be planted up with memories in the coming weeks and sincere thanks again to Whetman Pinks for raising this new Pink and for their consent  in handing it over to the Alzheimers Society



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New Carnation & Pinks supplier

I am sure members will be pleased to hear that there is a new supplier for Pinks and Carnations supplier available.  Our secretary Keith Mastaglio along with his wife Gill have decided it is long overdue for a supplier who knows about carnations.  Their intention is to supply Pinks, Borders & PF's, these will be in the form of exhibition and commercial varieties.

They have a website which is www.gandkcarnations.com/ where more details can be found.