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British National Carnation Society

Officials of the Society

Below are the officials and officers of the Society contact details are in the yearbook

Contact details of Chairman & Secretary below


The Marchioness of Salisbury

Honarary Members

S. Wilson; M. Woodfield; Dr A. C. Leslie; W. Wilkinson; B. Linnell; J. Akers;

J. Hayward; N. Smith; P. Booker; K. Mastaglio

BNCS Officers 2020

President: Mr P Cross

Chairman: Mr Liam Ledger

Secretary: Mr Ian Ledger

Deputy Chairman: Mr Barrie Gamble

Treasurer: Mr Graham R Davis

Council Members

Mrs Fay Seagrave; Mr P Cross; Mr B Gamble

Mr John Eddington;  Mr Peter Jackson;

Mrs June Jackson: Mr E Payne

Special Advisor to the council


Show Analyst

Mr Peter Booker



Mr Sid Wilson

Contact Details

Chairman: Mr Liam Ledger

Secretary: Mr Ian Ledger

Treasurer/Membership: Graham Davis Tel. 01691 622353

Vice Presidents

B Woodfield, M Woodfield; S. Wilson, P. Russell, A. Ketchen, J. Linnell, F. Wynn, W. Wilkinson, B. Linnell, R. Potter, F. Seagrave, B. Gamble, M. Hosoya (Japan), P. Booker, G. Hammerton, J. Thurston, J. Haywood, K. Mastaglio, D. Price